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Graffiti Removal Services

Dealing with graffiti removal is one of the drawbacks to living in a large city such as Brisbane. Not only can graffiti be very ugly, offensive and do serious damage to your property but it can leave a bad impression on your business as well as surrounding businesses causing real distress for owners.

A lot of people and businesses confronted with these situations will try to get rid of the paint on their own, but often making matters worse by damaging the surface, leaving shadow marks or creating a surface that looks worse than before! For any graffiti removal service it's always best to hire a professional graffiti removal Brisbane specialist. A professional graffiti removal specialist with years of experience in the industry will know the ideal products and cleaning techniques for any type of surface ensuring you get the best results quickly and safely. With their extensive knowledge they know what works and what doesn't and the last thing you want is an unexperienced person experimenting on your property especially if your brand is on the line!

Using the proper equipment and methods, our graffiti removal services can remove graffiti from many different types of surface areas without any damage. For example:

Graffiti Removal From Heritage Buildings

Having the right equipment and strategies are extremely crucial when treating and protecting heritage buildings. Here at Brisbane High Pressure Cleaning we have professional modern techniques specifically designed to remove graffiti without any damage from delicate, historic and important old buildings that are made of brickwork, masonry or stonework. We know how delicate these surfaces can be and we understand the risk of damage from chemicals entrapped within the surface fabric and the risk of overzealous blasting. Our methods are so effective that we only require very low pressure to remove softened graffiti but most importantly our techniques allow chemicals to rinse out easily to prevent the presence of insoluble salts being left on masonry. With our tailored solutions we can remove all graffiti markers, deeply embedded magic markers, paint spills, dyes and inks without the risk of damage.

Graffiti Removal From Signs and Sensitive Surfaces

remove-graffiti-from-signsGraffiti can be removed from fragile and expensive surfaces such as windows, business signage and vehicle exteriors. Our modern techniques can remove wax crayons, felt pens, markers, paint spills, inks, dyes and most spray can paints from any surface (as well as painted surfaces) without any damage to the surface or coating. This will save you time and the costs of replacing or repainting your signs and surfaces.

Graffiti Removal From Stone, Masonry and Bare Brick

graffiti-removal-servicesMasonry surfaces in particular are very porous and absorb graffiti like a sponge. Without the correct techniques and chemicals an inexperience contractor could permanently soak graffiti into the surface creating ugly shadow marks. To avoid this hire a professional graffiti removal service like Brisbane High Pressure Cleaning that have years of experience in this area and know exactly what works to remove spray can paints on bare brick, stone and masonry.

Graffiti Removal That's Environmentally Safe

Not only are our products fast and effective at removing graffiti but they are safe and 100% biodegradable. They are VOC compliant and EPA compliant and contain no xylene, phosphates, chlorinated hydrocarbons or any other products known to cause health or disposable problems for graffiti removal technicians.

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